IsQueen Lofoten Salmon Center

Visit our viewing center at URE

In our viewing center you will be greeted by rich illustrations and factual information about the salmon’s life cycle.


Would you like to come with us to see how the salmon live in the cages, also known as merde? Come out with us and feed the salmon yourself!

Passasjerer som koser seg om bord i MK Nordtind II

Fishing trip with a traditional fishing boat. Max 12 people. Duration 3–4 hours

Salmon is important for Isqueen and for Norway

The aquaculture industry

See salmon farming up close, see our educational exhibitions and end the viewing with a wonderful taste experience!

Did you know that ..

1,15 kg

1,15 kg feed gives 1 kg salmon

Salmon utilizes feed twice as efficiently as pigs and poultry.

in a

In an aquaculture cage (merde), there are only 2.5% fish and 97.5% water

Less than 1 %

is treated with antibiotics. The consumption of antibiotics in salmon production has thus been reduced by 99 percent since 1987. It is effective vaccines and infection prevention measures that mean that Norwegian farming uses so little antibiotics. In other words, antibiotics are hardly used in today’s salmon production.

Food safety

Sea farming is controlled food production.

Food safety is a priority area in Norway. For the aquaculture industry, this means that we have a thorough system to ensure that the food and fish are safe to eat, and that we are open about information about food safety.


Opening hours

Come and visit us!

Monday to Friday

10:00 - 16:00