Welcome to Isqueen AS

– Breeding in the heart of Lofoten

Located in the idyllic spot of Ure in Lofoten, you’ll find Isqueen AS, a prominent aquaculture company with a proud history. For more than four centuries, fishing has been a central part of life in Ure, and the rich fishing tradition continues to live on to this day.

Isqueen AS is engaged in salmon farming and has five licenses in the local area. Our locations stretch from Ure to Ballstad, Sennesvik, Nappstraumen and Stamsund. Here we create optimal conditions to produce salmon of the highest quality.


As a proud local farming company and salmon producer, Isqueen AS is based in Lofoten, and it is the second and third generations of the Svendsen family who carry on the legacy. Our dedicated members run both food fish production and an aquaculture exhibition centre, and we are proud to be able to share our knowledge and experience with visitors.

Historically, Isqueen AS has previously operated under the name Lofoten Polarlaks. Since 1979, the Svendsen family has run their business from Ure in Lofoten, and now, in the third generation, we continue our journey as Isqueen AS.

We are passionate about maintaining a sustainable and ethical production of seafood, while ensuring high quality and taste. Isqueen AS is committed to being a reliable player in the farming industry and looks forward to continuing to contribute to Lofoten’s rich fishing heritage.

Feel free to browse our website to learn more about our company, our products and our commitment. We are happy to have you with us on this exciting journey through Isqueen AS – Farming in the heart of the Lofoten Islands.